Can anyone in the world blog?

The answer to that question is, yes. Given some internet access, and the ability to read and write, anybody can construct a blog post. The real question is… ” Should anyone/everyone in the world be allowed to blog?”

The level of  narcissism present in modern society has instilled a false sense of importance in the web-user community as a whole. We all think there is an audience to our random musings. We all think somebody out there will find our thoughts interesting. In truth, what each of us has to say probably isn’t that hilarious, or insightful, or provocative. That’s the reason people spend hours cruising the net. Not everything we read will be amusing, helpful, or even add any tiny smidgen of value to our lives.


We can blog. So we do. And we hope we are somehow becoming more intriguing individuals through our efforts. Or not. Whatever.

Welcome to my blog.